Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition
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Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition

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On January 31, 2024, our company will appear at the Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition in Thailand.


Our company will bring you two popular vegetable and fruit peeling equipment.

66S1. Melon Peeling Machine

The vegetabel fruit peeling machine is suitable for peeling such as pineapple, papaya, coconut, taro and so on. The peeling thickness can be adjusted. Druing using the peeling machine, just need to put the fruits on the machine then press the switch to automatically peel. The operation is simple and convenient, safe and reliable.


2. Mango Lemone Peeling Machine

The fruit peeling machine processes fruits such as apples, lemom, mangos, citrus, pears, apples, taro, kiwi, etc. The peeling height can be adjusted automatically. After the latest improvement of the machine, mangoes can be pitted at the same time, and the peeling height can reach 12cm.

Explore innovative solutions that redefine efficiency, quality and safety in your business operations. Witness captivating live demonstrations and gain valuable insights into new ideas to enhance your food production.
Let’s come together for bright future in food and packaging industry at Food Pack Asia 2024

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