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Fuma Food Machinery

Fuma food machinery has been engaged in the development and production of primary processing and deep processing equipment for fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, meat and aquatic products. Fuma food machinery has served thousands of enterprises at home and abroad, including food factories, large central kitchens, Cailanzi distribution centers, agricultural products enterprises, large catering chain enterprises, college canteens, prepared meals plants and so on.
For the high quality, advanced functions and reasonable prices of its products, Fuma is preferred by enterprises in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, North and South America, Europe and other countries. These enterprises have become agents and cooperative partners of Fuma. Fuma Food Machinery will execute most of its projects in Asia and the Middle East.
It manufactures easy-to-use, practical and advanced equipment for customers to meet the needs of users and creates value for the society.
More than 18 years of industry experience, determined to excellent quality, quality service, to become the industry brand.




Market Distribution

In 2019, Fuma obtained 6 patents and its products were exported to more than 100 countries in the world.

Our Vision

With 18 years of continuous development, Fuma has become a high-tech enterprise which integrating research, development, production and sales of food machinery. Fuma will keep on focusing the demands of the international market and innovating product quality constantly in the future.
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Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd Committed to delivering leading and efficient food processing solutions.

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