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Specialized in researching and developing vegetables, fruits, agricultural products, meat and aquatic products processing equipment and solutions.
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We are focusing on customized production. We know the unique needs of customers and provide personalized solutions.
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Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development and production of primary processing and deep processing equipment for fruits, vegetables, agricultural products, meat and aquatic products

It manufactures easy-to-use, practical and advanced equipment for customers to meet the needs of users and creates value for the society, which is well received by many customers.
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In food processing machinery industry, factory advanced equipment and customization abilities is key to success. Our company is dedicated to providing top-quality food machinery to meet our customers' needs. With 18 years of experience and excellent technology, we lead in providing customized solut

Automatic Pineapple Processing Machine

This pineapple machine peels the pineapple, cuts off the top and tail, removes the core, and half cutting. Just put the pineapple inside and let the machine do the work.

What are the processes involved in making potato chips french fries?

When it comes to the French fries/potato chip production line process, each step requires skill and control to ensure consistency and high quality of the final product.The following is a more introduction:Sorting Potatoes: It all starts from selecting the best potatoes. Food plants' worker choose th

Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd Committed to delivering leading and efficient food processing solutions.

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