Wendan Grapefruit Peeling Machine
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Wendan Grapefruit Peeling Machine

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Wendan Grapefruit Peeling Machine

Wendan Grapefruit Peeling Machine For Fruit Processing Factory



This fruit peeling machine is specially designed for peeling Wendan(wendan is a kind of  grapefruit), it can process two grapefruits at the same time. This machine is made to improve the peeling efficiency and save manual workers.

Puting the grapefruit in the base and then press the start button to complete the peeling processiinig. The grapefurit peeling machine is easy to use, making it suitable for any size of Wendan grapefruit farms or processing site.

The advantages of this machine are simple operation and fast peeling, which can reduce the manual peeling time and labor intensity. The user-friendly design does not require people to specialize in learning. Even grandma can easily use it.

The application of peeling machine is not only used in food processing plants, but also widely used in canteens, restaurants and other places. Fruit and vegetable such as pumpkins, pineapple, taro, cantaloupes, and jackfruits can be peeled by this machiney.

If you need a customized processing production line, we can provide further services. We will arrange a professional team to solve the difficulties in the entire processing process, and make a solution based on this information.
We can able to provide solutions to our customers and improve the realize production benefits.

grapefruit peeling machine


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