Sweet Potatoes Washing Grading Production Solution
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Sweet Potatoes Washing Grading Production Solution

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Sweet Potatoes Washing Grading Production Solution

sweet potato cleaning

Vietnam is one of the mainly producers of sweet potatoes in Southeast Asia, and the main production areas in the southern of Vietnam. Vietnamese sweet potatoes are famous for their large production and excellent quality.

Sweet potatoes as a traditional crop, however, traditional methods of sweet potato cleaning processing are inefficient and difficult to guarantee product quality.

With the development of industrialization and technology, sweet potato processing method have also improved. With the advanced equipment and production lines, production efficiency and quality have been enhanced.

This Vietnamese sweet potato processing production line is efficient, water save and time-saving. The sweet potato processing production line including sweet potatoes washing, cleaning, polishing, drying, insect prevention and disinfection, grading and pcakaging. Through an intelligent system-controlled production line, sweet potato processing efficiency is improved, reducing works and shortening processing time.

sweet potato processing line

The production line using water supply and drainage, fully automatic control, and automatic silt discharge.

sweet potato washing machine

With the recycling water technology used in the sweet potato processing production line. Wastewater is purified through processes such as decontamination and filtration before being recycled, lowering production costs.

sweet potato processing machine

The sweet potato spraying and polishing equipment are also designed for different processing points to achieve the goal of minimal energy consumption and optimal results.

The application of the sweet potato processing production line are extensive. Large food processing enterprises, food processing plants, agricultural markets, can all suitable for this production line.

sweet potato washing line

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