Sweet Potato Cleaning Grading Line
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Sweet Potato Cleaning Grading Line

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Sweet Potato Cleaning Grading Line

The processing line design for sweet potato cleaning, grading, it's a high degree of automation, low damage rate and better fresh-keeping effect of the potato. It is also suitable for the processing of root products such as potato, cassava, taro etc.

The production line is composed of different functions equipments, including sweet potato soaking, sweet potato washing, sweet potato air-drying and sweet potatoe picking. The total length of the whole line is about 48 meters, and the total power is about 65.5KW. The production line uses sewage treatment technology, and the back-end can recycle water; fully automatic operation, saving time and effort.

sweet potato surface processing:

The spray soft brush cleaning system uses extra-long brushes to clean stubborn materials on the surface. The sewage can be used again after  purified.

sweet potato cleaning

Sweet Potato Pest Prevention:

High-pressure spraying kills insects, prevents insects, and disinfects. The brush rolls to spread the medicine evenly, and the air dries to make the medicine adhere to the surface of the sweet potato, also to enhance the freshness preservation effect.

sweet potato cleaning

Sweet Potato Grading:

With the grading equipment, sweet potatoes are graded into different size ranges

sweet potato grading

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