Premade/ Precooked Meals Food Solution
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Premade/ Precooked Meals Food Solution

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Premade/ Precooked Meals Food Solution

Premade/precooked prepared food refers to prepared food that has been cleaned, cut, mixed and processed. They are packaged and stored buy freezing or vacuuming. According to the deep of processing or convenience of consumption, it divided into ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-heat foods, ready-to-cook foods, and ready-to-brew foods.

Vegetable washing machine, cutting machine and drying machine, could improve the efficiency of vegetable processing, reduce food waste and save water and electricity.

vegetable cutting machine

Packaging equipment can keep prepared meals as fresh as possible and improve the taste.

vegetable processing solution

For vegetable meat processing, we can provide a solution according to customers requiry.

vegetable processing line

Fuma Food Machinery Co., Ltd Committed to delivering leading and efficient food processing solutions.

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