Potato Washing and Grading Solution
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Potato Washing and Grading Solution

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Potato Washing and Grading Solution

The potato grader line is a device used for cleaning and grading potatoes. Including potato washing and potaot sorting. 

For the cleaning, potato surfaces by soaking and high-pressure spray cleaning or using a brush. About the sorting, with multiple stainless steel pipe conveyors moving in a same direction, gradually increasing the distance between tubes as they move. Potatoes fall into different outlet through the conveyor, achieving the grading process.

potato washing machine

Advantages of the potato grader include high production output, damage-free products, adjustable grading, easy and fast grading, and easy operation by worker. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain, making it accessible to a wide range of processing factory.

potato grader

corn sorting grading machine

The other advantage of the potato cleaning grader is that its wide applicability. The processing line is also suitable for grading sweet corn, carrot , orange, apple, kiwi, onion, other vegetables and fruits, meeting the diverse needs of different customers.

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