Frozen Spinach Production Line
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Frozen Spinach Production Line

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Frozen Spinach Production Line

In December 2018, our factory made a frozen spinach production line solution for Myanmar customer.

The frozen spinach production line is an advanced system of equipment and process flow designed specifically for rapidly freezing fresh spinach to preserve its freshness, nutrition, and texture.

This production line consists of Spinach root removing machine--Spinach cutting machine--Spinach washing machine--Bubble washing machine--Vegetable blanching machine--Frozen machine--Package machine--Hoist (connecting each part).


We sent our company’s designers, engineers came to customer's factory to install and debug this processing line. We also have one central control contact person 24h on call, to follow up on any problems encountered during the using.

According to customer's feedback, after the processing line production, it help customer save $20,000 in monthly cost compared with labor, bringing in a profit of $500,000 .

Respect the culture of different customers in the design

We are familiar with international security and hygiene standards and complies with these reliably. Customer-specific requirements as e.g. kosher cutting and washing of salad are fulfilled on a high quality basis and a reasonable cost-performance-ratio.

The frozen spinach production line may also incorporate an automated control system to monitor and adjust various production stages, ensuring production efficiency and product consistency.


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