Fish processing machine
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Fish processing machine

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Fish processing machine

The fish processing industry has gradually expanded and developed, and the processing procedures have become more sophisticated.

The processing of fish includes fish scaling, fish filleting, fish slicing, fish cutting, packing etc. 

In addition, it can also increase the value of fish and suitable for consumers' needs.

Therefore, fishes processing is the key point to ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products, and is also an important part of the fish processing industry.

First of all, descaling is the first step in fish processing. Remove the scales from fish, reduce impurities and pollutants on the surface of the fish.


Secondly, gutting is very important in fish processing. By disemboweling the fish, the internal organs, gills and other debris can be removed to ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the fish.

Third, slicing is indispensable in fish fillet processing. Cut the fish body into two or three pieces, processing to deboning.

FGB 180-3

Besides, follow up on different fish and final products. Some fish need to be skinned.


Finally, slicing is the final step in fish processing, where the fish is cut into pieces of a certain size to facilitate subsequent cooking and eating.


Fish processing is an important part of aquatic product processing. Customers have increasingly rich functional requirements for processing equipment.

Improving product quality to fit customers' requirements for processing of aquatic products and better promote the sustainable development of us and our customers.

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