​Application of coring machine in fruit processing plants
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​Application of coring machine in fruit processing plants

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Application of coring machine in fruit processing plants

Fruit core removal is important in stone fruit processing. But with the lack of special core removing equipment, the processing methods are backward and the efficiency is low.

coring machine

cherry pitting machine

Some fruit processing factories, fruit pitting processing are still by manual tools.
When pitting the core manually, the pulp may be damaged due to improper operation.
Besides, various fruits require different pitting equipment. Some fruits are difficult to coring, separating and not easy to operate.

Product quality become more and more stringent to customers, fruit processing facrories are aware of the impact of fruit pre-processing on production quality.

Stone fruits include apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, data etc. Core pitting is a very important thing, when canned fruits, beverages, preserved fruits, and dried fruits.

Using the fruit coring removing machine to pit fruit is a trend. The type of fruit coring machine determined by the specific fruit and processing requiry.

The fruit corers has also promoted the innovation and development of the fruit processing industry. Its functions are constantly increasing, such as multi-functional coring, automated sorting systems, etc. The application has brought more innovation and development opportunities to the fruit processing industry.

cherry pitting machine

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